Author: Giuliano Bertello

NSX for Newbies – Part 4: Preparing for Virtual Networking

So we have NSX Manager deployed and running. It’s now time to prepare the compute cluster(s) for network virtualization. Summarising what we need to complete: Deploy the NSX Controller(s) Host preparation: that is, install the NSX vib modules into the cluster(s) Configure VXLAN VTEP IP Pools Configure Segment ID pool Configure Global Transport Zone Configure […]

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NSX for Newbies (The Series)

SDN with VMware NSX-v (for vSphere) In this page I’m collecting all the articles of the series “NSX for Newbies” . Starting from the introduction to the core components to the implementation of the solution, you will have a step-by-step guide to follow so that you could easily build your own lab.

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