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NSX for Newbies – Part 7: NSX Edge Gateway

In this post I’m covering: NSX Edge Gateway “abc” Scaling Installation Configuration NSX Edge Service Gateway primer In the previous post we’ve seen how to DLR works, how to install and configure it. The NSX Edge Gateway is the upper layer (DLR’s next hop) the perimeter to the “external world” from a tenant’s perspective. To make few […]

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NSX for Newbies – Part 6: Distributed Logical Router (dLR)

Topics covered in this article dLR concepts dLR deployment dLR deployment verification steps dLR concepts What is a Distributed Logical Router (dLR)? As with traditional Cisco switches a Distributed Logical Router (DLR) is made up of two distinct elements: Control Plane represented by a virtual machine called Logical Router (LR) Control VM. Dynamic routing protocols such as OSPF, […]

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