Unable to configure vCO plug-ins as endpoint (designer-service.vco.endpoint.registration.error)

Quick post just to share a vRealize Automation 6.2.x bug I recently found. This issue seems to affect only vRA 6.2.x and not previous releases. Trying to configure vRO plug-ins as Endpoint, and on 6.2.1 you do so by going to Administration > Orchestration Configuration > Endpoints (please note that if you have 6.2 only, it’s Administration > Advanced Services > Endpoints). I was getting the error “designer-service.vco.endpoint.registration.error” trying to add an endpoint clicking on Add + button

Please note that I was already using the built-in vRO instance so yes, it was already configured!

From the vRA ssh session a service vco-server status shows everything’s ok

Next, I started to tail catalina.out with the command

tail -f /var/log/vcac/catalina.out

So I found the message highlighted in red “[Error Msg: 85020-Unable to find default vCO endpoint in the Registry. Contact your System Administrator.]”

Asking St. Google quickly returned VMware KB2112679 and interestingly enough, it’s a known issue affecting VMware vRealize Automation 6.2.x. which occurs when the VMware vRealize Orchestrator endpoint becomes unregistered from VMware vRealize Automation. Currently there is no resolution.

I can confirm that running the command the KB suggests solved the issue.

vcac-vami vco-service-reconfigure

and here we go, testing the connection now magically works!


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