NSX-v Controller hostname changed on 6.1.4 (htb-1n-eng-dhcp10)

NSX Controller UpgradeA quick post, just giving a heads-up.



I recently upgraded my NSX lab from 6.1.1 to 6.1.4 and immediately noticed that the NSX controller hostname has changed from nsx-controller to htb-1n-eng-dhcp10.

This is not change in the naming convention but rather a bug. You can manually set the NSX Controller hostname using the command

set hostname <name>

Speaking of 6.1.4 upgrade, be aware that if you’re coming from 6.1.3 you will not be able to delete your existing NSX Edge Gateways (should you wish to) after the upgrade to 6.1.4. This is a known issue and upgrading from 6.1.2 or earlier does not result in this problem. Regardless of upgrade path, this issue does not affect new Edge Gateways created after the upgrade. This is officially documented on the KB 2117804

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