NSX Edge (ESG) stuck on “Busy” on vSphere Web Client

I saw the following problem many times so I thought to write a quick post to show how to quickly fix it.
After a setting reconfiguration, the NSX Edge (ESG) get stuck with status “Busy” on the Web Client GUI.

Also you can’t run any action against the Edge from the GUI

Checking the status via API call on NSX Manager actually returns Deployed and not Busy

My first thought was a Web Client UI issue so I used the following CLI commands to restart the service (I’m using Center Server Appliance 6.0)

service-control --stop vsphere-client
service-control --start vsphere-client

No luck, so I restarted the vCenter Server service

service-control --stop vmware-vpxd
service-control --start vmware-vpxd

Again no luck again and busy was still there. Trying to Redeploy the ESG via API was also not working (the call returned nothing).
At this point the only thing left was to restart NSX Manager so I did, from the GUI

and bingo, that solved the problem.

I am not sure why the API call was returning “Deployed” and if this is 6.1.4 bug but restarting the NSX Manager worked for me.

Hope it helps!

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