vRSLCM deployment from SDDC Manager

Before you start the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager deployment you need to download the bundle from LCM. With SDDC Manager having internet connectivity that’s easily done by simply heading to Repository > Bundles and kick-off the download from there. The following is the bundle detail:

If SDDC Manager is in a dark site, then you’ll have to manually download the bundles from a PC internet connected and later transfer ’em over. However the Offline Bundle Download for VMware Cloud 3.9 Foundation documentation is very confusing and is actually missing key steps for the offline process to work. The same article but for VCF 3.8 is slightly better but still omitting important details, in my view. That’s why I have decided to create a separate post see VMware Cloud Foundation Offline Bundle Download (3.x)

Once downloaded head to Download History to make sure it’s completed. 

FUN FACT: in my lab although the bundle download completed it was not showing up by setting the drop-down filter to Downloaded. I’m not sure why, maybe it takes longer to show up

vRSLCM Deployment

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager post-deployment is going to import the existing VCF vRLI environment. However settings such as NTP and DNS servers are not automatically configured and you’ll need to manually set those up later.

From SDDC Manager select Administration > vRealize Suite > vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

Start the wizard and fill in the following details to kick-off the deployment:

Check what’s going on by expanding the task you’ll see every operation performed under the hood

Once it’s finished you’ll see the details and the URL FQDN to connect to

That’s it folks! Post Deployment settings you still need to configure are:

  • NTP/DNS Server
  • SSL Certificate

What you’ll find configured is (obviously) the Data Center (vCenter) and the vRLI instance deployed by VCF during bring-up

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