Wrong VC icons displayed in the HTML5 web client

This is going to be a very quick post to share a bizarre issue/non-issue I experienced with vCenter Server, in my lab I was running VCSA build 15132721 however I don’t think the version actually matters and it might happen with any other version.

The problem was that the HTML5 client was showing incorrect icons everywhere, for instance a suspended state icon for VMs that were actually running. See following comparison, on the left is the FLEX Client on the right the HTML5 Client

not only that but tasks and VMs status was showing with a red exclamation mark, like if there was something wrong:

I should point out that all VMs were running fine and there wasn’t any actual functional issue.

Long story short, after a bit of testing it turns out to be a browser cache issue, clearing the Chrome cache fixed it for me.

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