PowerVCF 2.1.1 Available

Sharing the news that PowerVCF 2.1.1 for VMware Cloud Foundation is now GA and available on GitHub here and on PSGallery here

It supports Cloud Foundation 4.1 and introduces the following new cmdlets

Categorycmdlet NameDescriptionComment
Users and GroupsGet-VCFCredentialRetrieves a list of credentials.UPDATE: Added support for the vRealize Suite credentials
BundlesStart-VCFBundleUploadStarts upload of bundle to SDDC ManagerUPDATE: Allows the import of a bundle based on offline download.
FederationNew-VCFFederationInviteInvite new member to VCF FederationUPDATE: Added support to specify if the new system is a MEMBER or CONTROLLER.
SDDCStart-CloudBuilderSDDCValidationStarts validation on VMware Cloud BuilderUPDATE: Added support for individual validation tasks.
Workspace ONE AccessGet-VCFWSAGet details of the existing Workspace ONE AccessNEW
vRealize AutomationGet-VCFvRAGet details of the the existing vRealize AutomationNEW
vRealize OperationsGet-VCFvROPsGet details of the existing vRealize Operations ManagerNEW
vRealize OperationsSet-VCFvROPsConnect or disconnect Workload Domains to vRealize Operations ManagerNEW
vRealize Log InsightGet-VCFvRLIGet details of the existing vRealize Log InsightNEW
vRealize Log InsightSet-VCFvRLIConnect or disconnect Workload Domains to vRealize Log InsightNEW
vRealize Suite LifecycleGet-VCFvRSLCMGet details of the existing vRealize Suite Lifecycle ManagerUPDATE: Fixed an issue with the API URI and addressed response output

Great work again by Gary Ken and Brian

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