NSX-T Mind Map

NSX-T Mind Map Featured Image

The following NSX-T Mind Map v1.0 has been in the baking process for way too long, been on and off constantly. So I have now decided it was about time to release v1.0 Although I recognise it is not exhaustive, it does cover a good amount of topics on NSX-T; which I need to remember […]

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Updating to VyOS 1.3 latest (Jan 2021) and policy based BGP route filtering


Intro: what is VyOS ? Short version: a virtual router, running as virtual machine. Skip to Updating VyOS if you already know what VyOS is. Long explanation: I’m using VyOS heavily in my SDDC labs; for L3 routing as well as DHCP relay, clustered services, dynamic routing protocols (BGP) with both the NSX-V and NSX-T […]

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