NSX API call flowstats badly documented /app required


Quick post to share a discovery I made when playing with the NSX APIs. Specifically I’m talking about the flowstats call and the fact that it is wrongly documented on all versions of the NSX API Guide available at https://www.vmware.com/support/pubs/nsx_pubs.html and this drove me mad for some time before I figured out what the problem was. I must […]

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NSX 6.2.3 released – new features&fixes


VMware NSX 6.2.3 has been released on 09-June 2016, see the Release notes – What’s new section. One big new feature introduced is the support for 3rd-party hardware L2 gateway integration, useful for instance when migrating physical workloads into an “NSX enabled” environment (don’t forget the controllers see issue 1477280). Be sociable, share!

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