Additional interfaces on vCenter 5.5 Appliance

The problem

Have you ever needed to add additional interfaces to your vCenter Server Appliance? Well I have 🙂
A simple use case? I needed two additional vNICs to talk to their respective subnets without constantly crossing the L3 router.

You may wonder what’s the deal in all this? Well,  after I added the additional vNICs to the vCenter appliance I tried to configure the new interfaces (in my case eth1 and eth2) manually using ifconfig. Now this works great…. until you reboot and changes are lost! Annoying…
So after doing some Google research I realised the Linux appliance is actually based on SUSE and still has the glorious yast2 configuration tool so, why not use it?

WARNING: I’m not sure if this is supported by VMware but it does the job brilliantly.

The Solution

Here’s the steps. They’re so simple I don’t need to comment other than saying you need to use tab and select the various buttons by pressing ENTER

Click Next, then back to main screen OK and it will save the configuration

and Voila’ 🙂

After this is done, the additional interfaces can be managed via the WebGUI


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