Cloud Foundation LCM Update Failed on ESXi Host Upgrade Bundle

Recently I was running some Cloud Foundation upgrades for a customer and encountered a problem trying to execute an ESXi upgrade bundle.

The error was the following:

clicking on the host name that’s all you could see from the GUI


Not super meaningful in all honest. All you can see is that Update Manager (VUM) didn’t even succeed at pre-staging the patch into the host, for some invalid size cluster.

As always logs are you best friend 😉 but /home/vrack/lcm/logs/lcm.log can be very verbose and tricky to follow through.

PRO-TIP: if you’re going to tail the file with the follow option (-f) make sure you’re also filter by a specific pattern, in my example I was expecting some ERROR to show up.

Bingo! This message is now more useful:

1 cluster(s) expected. Found: 2

SDDC Manager is expecting 1 cluster but found 2

This was because was testing happened on said WLD; a second cluster was added to the vCenter Server managing the workload domain (multi-cluster isn’t supported on VCF 2.x) and even though all hosts were removed the cluster object was still present on vCenter Server.
As a result SDDC Manager was getting a total of 2 clusters and wouldn’t continue with whatever LCM operation it’s executing.

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