Unable to commission hosts from SDDC Manager

Quick blog post, purely as a memo note to myself (aka my own KB how-to articles).

Issue: the COMMISSION HOSTS button in SDDC Manager is greyed out; therefore it’s impossible to add any new host

When that happens it usually means that something is locked in the Postgres database. The quickest way to find the root cause is to check the lock table on the platform database

SSH into SDDC Manager, first as vcf then elevate to root (su -)

Connect to Postgres with the following commands:

psql -h localhost -U postgres
\c platform
select * from lock;

Here you go:

There is a password management operation in progress (well, stuck) that’s preventing host commissioning. From the SDDC Manager GUI select Security > Password Management

Cancel the failed password rotation task and, once completed, check again the lock table:
and there we have it the lock is gone. Wait few minutes, then from the GUI select Hosts again and COMMISSION HOSTS is now enabled

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