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NSX Controller on VCF and VM Storage policy out of compliance

DISCLAIMER this post is based on VCF on VxRack SDDC. VCF DIY / ready-nodes might be less prescriptive in terms of constraints or have different supported configurations. When a workload domain (WLD) is provisioned in Cloud Foundation from SDDC Manager, a default VM storage policy is created and associated with the new cluster and it’s […]

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Cloud Foundation LCM Update Failed on ESXi Host Upgrade Bundle

Recently I was running some Cloud Foundation upgrades for a customer and encountered a problem trying to execute an ESXi upgrade bundle. The error was the following: clicking on the host name that’s all you could see from the GUI ESX_UPGRADE_VUM_PRECHECK_CLUSTER_SIZE_INVALID Not super meaningful in all honest. All you can see is that Update Manager (VUM) […]

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Out of sequence application of bundles prevent application of bundles on workload domain.

This is going to be a very quick post to share my finding with VMware Cloud Foundation 2.2 and the fix bundle. The VMware Cloud Foundation is an update bundle release that upgrades both Lifecycle Manager (LCM) and VMware NSX for vSphere. Source: As I work full time on VMware Cloud Foundation I […]

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